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The Ann Wigmore Foundation®, originally based in Boston for 32 years, is now a flourishing oasis, high in the desert of enchanting New Mexico.

The comprehensive 10 day retreats offered at the AWF are designed to ensure that each guest is offered a practical, general understanding of the many complementary facets of a Living Foods Lifestyle®.

The teachings of Ann Wigmore are simple, yet deeply rooted in the fertile grounds of love and compassion for humankind. It is our sincere desire at the Ann Wigmore Foundation to carry on the Living Foods Lifestyle® legacy by sharing with humanity an atmosphere of peace, solace, and contemplation, combined with our knowledge and practice of her teachings while supporting your body's natural healing intentions.

We invite you to come for a quiet retreat and discover renewed vitality, emotional balance, and spiritual strength. Come experience the Living Foods Lifestyle® and learn more about Dr. Ann Wigmore's vision of abundant, joyful natural health and healing!


Dr. Ann Wigmore's Living Food LifestyleŽ Classes Include:
  • * Wheatgrass Hygiene
  • * Colon Health Care
  • * Energy Soup
  • * Rejuvelac
  • * Greenhouse Gardening
  • * Sprouting Techniques
  • * Veggiekraut
  • * Dehydration Classes
  • * Seed Cheese (More..>>)

Susan Lavendar
Director | Ann Wigmore Foundation®

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Mar. 18th - 28 th, 2014
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Here's what guests have to say:

" I was extremely pleased with my retreat in San Fidel, New Mexico at the Ann Wigmore Foundation. The amount of knowledge, power and health packed into the ten day stay will keep me inspired and on my intended path of radiant health forever." continued

" In 1999 while living in New Zealand I came across a book "How I conquered cancer naturally" by Eydie Mae in which she mentions the Ann Wigmore Foundation." continued

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